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Wheel bearings parts of machinery maintenance and inspection
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:40
Bearings have a very important role in construction machinery, wheel bearings can withstand the operation of mechanical parts, so that the mechanical environment rapidly rotating at high speed, thereby reducing bearing friction.
      Turntable bearing long-term high-speed, continuous operation of the process, occasionally inevitable failure of some routine, which is wheel bearings in construction machinery essential failure of the operation. If the operator focusing on the turntable bearing the usual care and maintenance, periodic timing to be some routine nursing, say key parts such as wheel bearings to roller, ball, needle and other add oil, help transmission speed to maintain the stability of the bearing, but also play a role in speeding up its speed of operation.
      In addition to doing wheel bearings weekday routine maintenance and repair work outside, when the wheel bearings fails to varying degrees, the correct, timely and effective repair techniques is also very important. When a fault occurs, the first thing is to make the correct diagnosis, determining the point of failure in the end it appeared in which location, and then take the first period of an effective maintenance program for its repair work, to avoid delays in maintenance period, the impact of business the normal production.