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Wheel bearings nine kinds of common faults and reason
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:27
Wheel bearings have a very important role in construction machinery, set bearing force, radial force, facing away from the force as a whole, to better withstand the weight of all machinery and equipment. However, the wheel bearings in the use of various failures often occur in the event of failure to accurately find fault and ruled out, so as to ensure better operation of the product. Today, small compared to introduce nine kinds of slewing ring common fault.
Wheel bearings nine kinds of common faults and causes:
1, wheel bearing temperature: When agencies operate, install wheel bearing parts to allow a certain temperature, when the stroking mechanism housing, should not feel hot to normal, otherwise show turntable bearing temperature is too high.
High temperature causes: oil quality does not meet the requirements or deterioration, oil viscosity is too high, tight fitting wheel bearings, wheel bearing ring rotates on the shaft or housing, the load is too large, wheel bearings or rolling element cage these are caused by fragmentation wheel bearing temperature reasons.
2, wheel bearing noise: Scroll wheel bearings allow a slight noise at work, if the noise is too large or unusual noise or crash, it indicates faulty wheel bearings.
Bearing abnormal sound reasons: turntable bearing inner ring with surface wear, lack of lubrication of wheel bearings to form a friction wheel bearings worn open, the operation will also affect the quality of the bearing.
3, the raceway surface of the metal peeling: turntable bearing rolling elements and inner and outer ring raceway surface are subjected to cyclic loading of pulsating action, resulting in changes in contact stress cycle. When the number of stress cycles reaches a certain value, the rolling elements or inner, outer race track on the work surface fatigue spalling.
Metal flaking reasons: turntable bearing load is too large, increasing fatigue, is not installed properly, can also cause spalling phenomenon.
4, wheel bearings burns: Burns turntable bearing raceway, temper rolling on color.
Cause burns: generally insufficient lubrication, oil quality does not meet the requirements or deterioration, as well as tight wheel bearing assembly and so on.
5, plastic deformation: turntable bearing raceway and roller contact surface uneven pits, indicating wheel bearings plastic deformation.
Cause: In a large turntable bearing static load or impact loading, local stress over the working surface of the material yield limit.
6, wheel bearing race cracks: turntable bearing race cracks.
Causes cracks: It may be with tight wheel bearings, wheel bearings foreign or inner loose, inclusive piece turntable bearing deformation poor surface finish installing wheel bearings and so on.
7, cage fragmentation: turntable bearing frame fragmentation occurs
The reason is lack of lubrication, rolling broken seat askew like.
8, the adhesion of the metal cage on the rolling bodies.
The cause is a rolling body is stuck in the cage inside or inadequate lubrication.
9, race raceway serious wear and tear.
Cause: Block circle fall into foreign body, lubricating oil shortage or oil grades inappropriate.