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Wheel bearings nine kinds of common faults and reason
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Slewing bearing wide range of applications, you must use the slewing ring anywhere. In the crane will be used in slewing bearing device, capable of full control tower crane. To enhance the life of the crane slewing ring, we should do routine maintenance work. Here is a look at how the crane slewing ring to be maintained.
      Crane slewing ring maintenance and repair methods:
      1, mounted crane slewing ring bearings must be sufficiently rigid mounting surface should be flat. Slewing ring bearing assembly should be carried out to the stress of the previous treatment, care should reduce the slewing ring bearing deformation during assembly bearings and slewing ring contact surfaces must be clean.
      2, pay attention to changes in the rotation resistance moment of change and noise, crane maintenance, if any irregularities should be overhauled.
      3, slewing ring must be level lifting or storage, not vertical lifting crane maintenance or storage, in order to avoid distortion.
      4, crane slewing ring in the maintenance would be the first fully tighten the bolts to engage the inspection of the gear, the gear meshing condition shall comply with the requirements of precision: Gears crane maintenance technology that is under a slight brake distribution operation after the tooth surface contact spot on the tooth height direction is not less than 25%, crane maintenance technology in the longitudinal direction of the tooth is not less than 30%.
      5, crane slewing ring should respond to each work 10 shifts a surface cleaning to remove surface debris, reapply the oil.
      6, crane slewing ring To run 100 hours and 500 hours after its maintenance, inspection bolt tightening torque.
      7, bolts and nuts on the crane slewing ring to double nut and relaxation, can effectively guarantee the bolts and nuts will not slip and loose issues.