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Wheel bearing seal maintenance methods
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:39
      Wheel bearing seal is already filled to prevent grease from leaking out, but also to prevent outside dust, impurities and moisture intrusion inside the bearing and affect the normal work. So, how to maintain wheel bearing seal it? Here Orson slewing ring summarize for everyone.
      Since the wheel bearings are mostly in the low-speed operation under heavy load, so seal type bearings with rubber seals and labyrinth seals two structures. The rubber ring seal itself has a simple structure.
      Wheel bearings because of its small footprint, reliable sealing performance, etc. and has been widely used, but the downside is that when the high temperature rubber lip seal is easy to lose an early age, so at high temperature working conditions, work the wheel bearings should adopt a labyrinth.
      Wheel bearings typically have lifting holes, you can secure the lifting eyebolts screwed into better security. The main issues in the factory store is already doing a degree of protection, has been coated with anti-rust oil, and wrapped with the film, its storage temperature should be at room temperature, and relative humidity less than 60%, this package is usually valid rust 3-6 months, after more than valid, should be timely maintenance.
      Above is to introduce Orson slewing ring turntable bearings are sealed and maintenance skills, we want to help.