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Turntable bearing life factors affect what
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:31
Wheel bearings and slewing ring, is indispensable large mechanical parts. Wheel bearings bearing, strong capacity, has a very important role in the heavy machinery. However, many factors will affect the turntable bearing life, the following Xiaobian to explain in detail.
      The main factors affecting the turntable bearing structural design, manufacturing processes and materials.
      First turntable bearing structure design, will make wheel bearings have a good life. Wheel bearings is through forging, heat treatment, turning, grinding and assembly of multi-channel processing. The reasonableness of the processing technology, advanced, will also affect the stability of slewing bearing life. Secondly, the material also affects wheel bearings, but the turntable bearing material has been greatly improved, the impact on wheel bearings are slowly reduced.
      Wheel bearings carrying capacity will affect their life, wheel bearings due to different production processes, materials used, etc., have different capacity, if during the time the job beyond this range, it will cause damage to the wheel bearings, which will affect the service life of machinery. All mechanical friction is a key factor for the wear caused by friction wheel bearings are the main factors that lead to reduced use of time.