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The crane slewing bearing slewing mechanism analysis
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:47
      Slewing ring device for rotary, rotary rotary support means for rolling bearing slewing devices, bearing type rotary device consists of a spherical rolling element bearing, swivel seat, anchor ring components.
      Crane slewing mechanism: drives, brakes, gearing gold and slewing ring device component. Slewing ring means: column, rotary column slewing ring means: fixed column slewing ring device, turn pillar slewing ring unit.
      Fixed column slewing ring device consists of a thrust bearing and a self-aligning radial bearing and the upper and lower bearing components. Floating crane slewing ring multiple devices using a given column.
      Rotary Drive: electric rotary drive, hydraulic rotary drive. An electric rotary drive device is generally mounted on the rotary part of the crane, driven by the motor through the last-stage reducer open pinion, the pinion mounted on the crane with a fixed portion of the ring gear (ring gear or needle) is engaged to achieve slewing cranes.
      Electric rotary drive device has a horizontal motor and worm gear transmission, vertical motors with vertical cylindrical gear reducer drive and vertical motors and planetary gear drive three forms. Hydraulic rotary drive: High-speed hydraulic motor with worm gear or planetary gear transmission, low speed high torque hydraulic motor rotating mechanism.