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Slewing ring production requirements Detection
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:53
Slewing ring is indispensable machine parts, therefore, engineering machinery for parts requirements are very high. For slewing bearing such accessories, buying in the production of professional production line, in order to ensure the quality of slewing ring, outsourcing mechanism will affect the product quality problems. Today follow Xiaobian understand slewing ring production requirements.
      Slewing ring production requirements:
      Slewing ring production requirements for the old saying, the first point is that the specifications must comply with international standards of production used. Slewing ring consists of several components, generally speaking consists of 5-6 unequal parts, the quality of these components properly, will affect the slewing ring size, price, so that products can not meet the requirements.
      Durability is the quality requirements of a slewing ring. Slewing ring should accompany the machine running, the service life of 5-10 years, therefore, to ensure slewing bearing wear and durability. This aspect of the quality of the material from the main view.
      The last point is the production process. Slewing bearing different production processes, such as the same material under different production process is completed, the products produced in the quality of a large gap. To ensure the quality of slewing ring, detection is the inevitable choice.
      Only use good quality slewing ring, in order to ensure the life of the product, wear resistance, make the product more long-term use in machinery.