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Slewing ring can not be used in high-speed rotation of the reasons
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:59
Slewing ring is nearly four decades of gradual interest-type mechanical parts, which bear strong, using a wide range, can be used in any area. Slewing ring from inside and outside the ring, rolling, etc., is a comprehensive large bearings can withstand the load, can bear large axial, radial load and overturning moment.
      Widespread use of slewing ring, not only machinery used in ports, medical, transportation, aerospace, etc. can be used. Slewing ring is also known as “machine joints” is required for the relative rotary motion between two objects, but also need to bear axial force, radial force, an important tipping moment of mechanical transmission components required. Slewing ring has many advantages, but can not be used in slewing ring rotating at high speed. Here you follow the Xiaobian look.
      Slewing ring can not be used in high-speed rotation of the reasons:
      First, the slewing bearing rolling elements with respect to the operation in the form of the raceway wall, sliding along the scroll, the other bearing, slewing bearing slide more severe compared. Therefore, the high-speed rotary bearing no matter the occasion.
      Second, slewing ring bearings belong to reload, high speed, huge capacity centrifugal weight dozens of tons produced at high speed. Such a device is a high danger.
      Third, the device supporting the use of multi-slewing ring for heavy duty lifting transport equipment, so this in itself does not require high-speed rotating equipment work.
      After the presentation by, you know slewing ring can not be used in high-speed places, so when you select No slewing ring to pay more attention to prevent future problems.