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Slewing bearing bracket
Add Time:2014-11-15 13:53
Slewing ring is an important mechanical parts, and slewing ring slewing bearing bracket is more important parts, can directly support the overall slewing ring bearing weight. Slewing bearing bracket is too high or too low will affect the normal operation of slewing ring. Xiao Bian today to find out more about the rotary bearing bracket.
Slewing bearing bracket:
1, slewing bearing bracket smooth, can not have an unstable phenomenon.
2, slewing bearing bracket to be rust, corrosion, electroplating and other treatment.
3, slewing bearing bracket and install the flat base surface should be clean, can not have any debris, otherwise it will affect the sensitivity and flexibility of slewing ring.
4, slewing ring holder must have sufficient strength and hardness, can support the entire mechanical work.
5, can not have too much error between the slewing ring holder, under normal circumstances error control between 0.5-1.
After a period of time you need to check slewing ring screws or bolts are loose problem, if there is to be timely tightening, there are barriers preventing the slewing ring at work. To every March to April to be filled on the turntable bearing lubricant, allowing slewing ring can work properly and without any obstruction.