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On the single-row four point contact slewing bearing load distribution and characteristics
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:58
      Single-row four point contact slewing bearing widely used in machinery, the right to establish a rolling element load distribution equation accurately calculate only a single row of four-point angular contact ball slewing bearing rolling elements are subjected to the greatest loads, accurate rendering its bearer curve for slewing ring design and selection to provide detailed theoretical basis for the establishment of a single row four point angular contact ball slewing bearing the full load distribution analysis equation, and discussed its solution method.
      Single-row four point angular contact ball slewing bearing inner and outer rings have two raceways, two on each ring raceway by the two centers do not coincide arc constituting the compact type of rotary bearing the weight of light steel ball and the raceway for the four-point contact, can withstand axial forces and tilting moments radial force on the rotary welding machine operator for small and medium cranes and excavators and other construction machinery has a very wide range of applications yaw wind turbine becomes pitch bearing is also a lot of four-point contact ball slewing bearing slewing ring structure of most of the relatively large size and is widely used in large-scale engineering machinery, especially its security issues, so many researchers discussed the slewing ring selection calculations, these selection calculation rely more on slewing ring bearing the load of a torque curve curves slewing ring bearing slewing ring is at work. The process of carrying allowable limit. Where the static load curve refers to the slewing ring bearing rolling elements and raceway contact points to reach the bearing static load carrying capacity of the allowable contact stress; the dynamic load bearing structure curve refers to a group of the same size slewing ring, in which 90% of the life dynamic load carrying capacity reaches or exceeds the standard number of hours of work cycle rotary bearing the major manufacturers offer a contrast curve analysis for each of its products bearing turntable bearing manufacturer graph can be found, even if the same material consistent with the size of the same type of turntable , which carries the curve are not the same, resulting in differences in carrying the most important reason is that the curve wheel load distribution differences in calculation methods.
      Like other types of slewing bearings, single row four point contact ball slewing bearing rotary movement work is generally very low or intermittent swing speed, the number of changes in the stress on each element relative to other Rolling rarely, therefore it is the main failure mode the main failure in the form of plastic deformation localized pitting and spalling broken, and other rotary bearing rolling elements each element of the static load or impact load generated under load distribution determines the state of the internal load distribution analysis of the significance of the decision by the state’s largest carrier rolling body position and the size of the load value; load distribution in the bearing also provides important data for the inner and outer rings and the outer structure coupling bolt strength check; in addition, the load distribution inside the bearing retainer ring determines the relative displacement between the circles and activities, indirectly determines the rigidity of the bearing.