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How to determine wheel bearing replacement time
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:55
      Wheel bearings are also important parts of machinery, have a very important role in the construction machinery. If, wheel bearings a little damage will affect the normal operation of the machine. However, the wheel bearings in use for some time, should be replaced. So, how to judge how the wheel bearings to replace it?
      To determine the wheel bearing replacement time, you can use iron spectrometer or SPM or I-ID-1-bearing working condition monitoring equipment to determine the bearing operating status and determine when the bearing should repair, which is the most convenient and more reliable method .
      When using the HD-1 type instrument, when the pointer from the warning area close to the danger zone, but after taking measures to improve lubrication pointer does not return, you can ascertain the bearing itself is the problem, then you can take advantage of not yet entered the danger zone the bearing repair. How far away from the danger zone begins to repair, may experience adjustments. With this instrument, you can take full advantage of the potential of the bearing, bearing repair promptly and avoid failure, is safe and economical.
      Secondly, the use of simple tools to monitor wheel bearings can effectively determine the replacement time. The operator can hand-held rod or wrenches and other tools to contradict the closest bearing parts of the machine casing, the ears listen ashamed by the tool came bearing on the operating sound tools, of course, can also be modified using a medical stethoscope. Normal bearing operation sound should be uniform, smooth sound without harsh without the normal operation of the bearing, there are a variety of intermittent sound, impact or harsh sound. First of all to get used to the sound of a normal bearing operation, then you can take to determine the normal bearing operation sound, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, and further to analyze what kind of sound is not normal what bearing does not correspond to the normal phenomenon . Meanwhile wheel bearings unusual type of sound variety, in order to accurately determine the sound of the product, to rely on the experience accumulated.