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How to check for the disintegration of slewing ring
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:57
How to check for slewing ring disintegration?
      While slewing ring can be used in different industries, but will result in damage to the slewing ring in each case, and the discovery of slewing ring is damaged, do not know the place where the damage, only to discover a comprehensive anatomical damage points. Below small slewing ring is to introduce the disintegration of inspection methods.
      When the disintegration of slewing bearing, slewing ring to the outer ring and the car is connected, is connected to the inner ring and get off and clean the slewing ring seals on clean away, well separated by a crane device, in the swing screw on the support bolts removed. In the ball and isolation sets all out for the ball and isolation units to check if there are cracks or damage to the isolation sleeve is necessary and timely replacement, but the ball is to check the ball clean, and placed under the sun irradiation Watch, you can clearly see whether there is pitting or dimples on the ball.
      Above is the overall process of the disintegration of slewing bearing checking, we want to be helpful in checking when slewing ring.