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Correct disassembly slewing ring can extend its life
Add Time:2014-11-15 15:02
      Slewing ring is one of many products must be less mechanical parts, slewing ring is good or bad will decide whether machines for normal operation, so that the slewing ring has a very important role in the whole machine. The correct disassembly slewing ring is a very important thing, if not properly installed, is likely to cause mechanical not work, will also affect the use of parts.
      Slewing ring before installation, you want to conduct a comprehensive clean, just clean the parts installed in the mechanical products in order to ensure the normal operation of machinery. When installing the sleeve must be noted that the use of specialized tools will be pressed into which the sleeve flat. If the installation is not flat, you can gently pressed with a fine parts, do not use heavy machinery were struck.
       Many of the customers at the time of installation slewing ring may use percussion way to install, in fact, is very hurt percussion parts of a sleeve approach. Only likely to cause the sleeve loose fit with the base part, but also easy to reduce the life of the sleeve parts.