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Comparison of four aspects of domestic and foreign slewing ring
Add Time:2014-11-15 14:36
Slewing ring at home and abroad are welcomed by everyone, particularly in Germany, France, the United States, Britain and other countries are the main countries producing slewing bearings, slewing ring and our early 1980s, the introduction of German technology, and with domestic technology slewing rings combine to form the latest technology. But in product quality and level compared with other countries, there are still a big gap. The following four aspects from abroad slewing ring contrast.
      1. Design Technology
      Just working conditions abroad, the installation size requirements, speed and other data entry computer, CAD program automatically complete the product design, load capacity calculations, while the output of various graphics and curves, and the use of finite element analysis, carried out on slewing ring load simulation analysis. Variety foreign company’s new product after another, the less there are as many as a dozen, but there were only less than 10 categories, so every year there are a lot of slewing rings are special requirements need to be imported from abroad.
      2, technology
      Foreign slewing bearing manufacturers have been widely used CNC machines for processing, it has the advantage of greatly simplifying the process, reducing the frequency of workpiece clamping, avoiding processing and measurement error,, shorten the production cycle to ensure that the co-assembly of inner and outer rings set rate, while improving product quality and yield. Due to the use of CNC machine tools for field-free drawings provided the conditions of operation, computer systems networking contract from a product to product design (CAD), process planning (CAPP) and CNC machine tools on-site operations management, the whole operation process is very efficient. Another foreign manufacturers in the heat treatment, machining process on the raceway has a lot of unique.
      3. Test Technology
      Slewing ring design inspired by a lot of trial and long-term practice, laboratory equipment and instruments therefore received wide attention. In this regard the country still lacks depth study and implementation should gradually improve life test, temperature test, bolt strength test, tooth strength test and other equipment.
      4. Quality control
      Domestic production plant and the international level there is a big gap between foreign production workshop almost no full-time inspectors, but a variety of test data is accurate and reliable delivery is very timely. Many advanced detection equipment we do not have, such as non-destructive testing inspection, CMM, etc., so the low level of domestic quality control.